The Energizer & IGN UK Dead Space 2 First Look Event

Earlier this week I attended the IGN UK and Energizer’s exclusive First Look event that showcased EA and Visceral Game’s Dead Space 2 at the Soho Gallery in Central London. I got the opportunity to play some of the early single player chapters of the game and from what I played Dead Space 2 is every bit as good, scary and intense as the original.

The game takes place on a densely populated space station, called the Sprawl which leads to some new and very different environments to the USG Ishimura mining ship. Hero Issac Clarke returns and this time we not only get to see his face but he also speaks. Isaac’s suit also now has mini jet thrusters built in allowing Isaac to manoeuvre during zero gravity sections and there are also new weapons at his disposal.

As previously revealed Dead Space 2 has a mulitplayer mode pitting 4 on 4 humans vs Necromorphs objective based games.

Dead Space 2 will be release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 25 Jan 2011 in the US and 28 Jan 2011 in Europe. The PlayStation 3 version will include Dead Space: Extraction as a PlayStation Move compatible title.

A playable demo will be released December 21 on Xbox 360 and PS3

Genre: Survival horror, Action, third-person shooter


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  1. This sure looks a great game, can’t wait for it to come out.

  2. Mark Waterman /

    I too went to this exclusive First Look and I agree with Soulfinger, This game “every bit as good, scary and intense as the original”

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