The Licensed Game You Never Expected To See

The thing about gaming press releases is, sometimes you get hardcore sci-fi video action or news about beloved franchises, and other times you get this:

Start your investigation of the mysteries to come by reading the excerpt below from Jessica Fletcher’s journal which comes from the first case in the game that is slated to ship in Q3, 2009 for the PC.


Murder by the Garden Gate:
Today is the Summer Garden Festival’s garden competition and tour, an event I look forward to all year. My tour group arrived at Matthew O’Neill’s house at approximately 12:45 p.m., only to discover Matthew lying dead in his garden. What a shock! He held a peach-colored rose in his hand, and his broken watch had stopped at 11:30. Mort arrived, and together we surveyed the area. Matthew was wearing loafers, but I observed a muddy footprint that appeared to have been made by a work boot. (Whose?)


That’s right… in the next few months, the very first “Murder She Wrote” game will be arriving on PCs, courtesy of Legacy Interactive’s Hollywood Hits imprint.

Okay, it’s not strictly speaking geek-friendly, but if you’re of a certain age, I DEFY you to type more than a couple hundred words in sequence and not imagine the upbeat perkiness of the show’s theme.

Oh. Just me, huh?

Just in case you’ve dared forget, it’s this:

So, anyway, the game looks like it might fall into the trap of the point-and-click territory of other mystery show tie-in games like the CSI stable, though so far it is looking distinctly more cosy than anything ever before seen on a monitor.


I’ll admit, those are pretty but not exactly awe-inspiring graphics. And if I had to choose a middle-aged female crime-solver who only solves crimes at garden parties and other cosy locations, I’d probably have to go for Felicity Kendal.

Mmm… Sweetly pretty.

But there you have it. “Murder She Wrote” game equals slow-ish news week equals me shamefully admitting my forbidden love for the elfin Good Lifer. I make no ap0logies for how nature made me!

GS Reporter: Nick!

Source: Legacy Interactive

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  1. Angela Lansbury was hot when she did the ‘Court Jester’ with Danny Kaye.

    Which, may I add, makes for a disconcerting film…

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