The Next Level at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 – Videos
01/10/2010 Gaming News

So for the first time since I entered through the doors of the 2010 Eurogamer Expo I’m taking a breather to upload a few videos I’ve taken of the Playstation move and Kinect in action (Amaechi felt compelled to test it out for himself…so apologies for the dancing. The video of his epic dancing comes later today).

Anyway impressions of the con so far are good. It’s definitely bigger than it was last year and as a result it’s clear that the organizers have upped the number of staff to deal with. The vibe here is good and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. So far for me the standout has been 3D gaming. I thought this was just an expensive gimmick until I tried Motorstorm 3D which felt like being in that driving scene from the 2012 film only more intense. Seriously the first time you mow down an innocent bystander and he goes flying out of  screen at you is not soon forgotten. Killzone 3D looked equally impressive and immersive but can’t really say much more as not had a chance to go hands on with that one.

Seeing Def Jam Rapstar being played has pretty much guaranteed that I’m going to be picking up that bad boy as soon as it comes out. It just looks like loads of fun with some classic tracks from back in the day. Also there’s the ability to record your own rap performance for posterity on video if you feel so inclined.

There just seems to be a lot of multiplayer going on here (Killzone 3, Gears of War 3  and Medal of Honor I’m looking at you.) This is great but the down side is loads of queuing  for ten people to go on at a time. Hopefully I’ll be able to go hands on with these later.

One of the ‘under the radar’ games for me is Hunted from the team behind Brink and Fallout. To put it simply it’s a dungeon and dragons style 2 played co-op action adventure and it looks and plays great. It actually has a kid of Gears of war look to it but given a fantasy makeover.

Anyway that’s it for now as it’s time to stretch my gaming legs once more. For now I’ll leave you with some videos.

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