The Next Level Episode 26 – The handheld/mobile gaming wars

Ant and Amaechi once again bring you the latest news from the gaming world. In this episode Amaechi finally plays his first ever MMO in Champions Online, and not one to do anything by half’s promptly downloads another MMO, Lord of the Rings Online.

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In the news
·         PS3 shipments get frozen in Europe thanks to LG’s law-suit

·         The Mexican Government calls for Ubisoft’s Call of Juarez to be banned due to the 6000 drugs related  murders in 2 years in the real life Juarez

·         MCM Expo joins forces with Gamespot UK to bring more games to its Expo’s

·         iPad 2 gets launched

·         Playstation Home may be getting a multiplayer social network upgrade

Main feature

In our main feature we discuss the growth and latest developments in the world of handheld/mobile gaming. With 2011 bringing 2 new major handheld console releases in the Nintendo 3DS and Sony NGP (PSP2), the continued growth in mobile phone games and the predicted explosion of tablet PC’s with iPad 2, Android tablets, Windows 7 and both Balckberry and HP launching tablets; this segment of the games industry is a hot topic

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