The Punisher: No Mercy Coming to Playstation Network

Zen Studios have announced a July 2nd release for “The Punisher: No Mercy” on the Playstation Network, at $9.99.

Is this good news? Well, I can answer that with a resounding “Maybe”.

The game is a first-person shooter based on the Unreal Engine 3, and geared toward an online multiplayer experience in which the player can choose to play one of eight of the Punisher cast of characters, in one of a selection of Punisher themed locations…

Thing is, if you’re me, your gut response to hearing “Punisher cast of characters in one of a selection of Punisher themed locations” is “the who know in the what where?”. Even if you concede that over the years, Frank Castle has built up a bit of a recurring rogue’s gallery of colourful villains – something that shouldn’t really be compatible with a character whose defining characteristic is that he attacks organised crime, in a kind of super-competent and final way – it’s difficult to really take advantage of a license like this in a FPS, where you don’t even really see the character that you’re playing.

And when you say Punisher-themed locations, you’re basically talking warehouses, city-scapes, sewage systems, right? So fairly typical locations in FPS gaming.

There’s more to be said about how valid a heroic franchise you can pin on a character like The Punisher, whose popularity isn’t for even remotely the same reasons that he’s interesting, and who was only ever originally intended as a roadmap for how not to be a sympathetic hero, but we’re talking games right now, so…

Mind you, the game is pretty cheap, there’s what sounds like a pretty intriguing customizable character skill system, and people like the Unreal game engines for multiplayer shoot-em-up carnage, so it might be worth a look.

GS Reporter: Nick!

Source: Various, including But not the official site, which has nothing on it yet.

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