Thor & Captain America coming to 3DS

Marvel releases their 2 latest titles on the Nintendo 3DS

For those of you lucky to own a Nintendo 3DS and are Marvel Fans, it is time to rejoice as it has been confirmed that Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldeir are arriving to the 3DS very soon.

Both games have already been released on various consoles and getting some good feedback so let’s hope the conversion is to the 3DS is done well.

SEGA of America, Inc. and Marvel Entertainment today announced release dates for their tandem of super hero video games, “Thor: God of Thunder” and “Captain America: Super Soldier” for the Nintendo 3DS handheld. “Thor: God of Thunder” will be available September 13, 2011 followed by “Captain America: Super Soldier” on October 25, 2011.

SOURCE: Marvel

GS Reporter: Montoya

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