VOICES FROM THE SYNDICATE: What Was the Best Thing of 2011?

2011 has been a amazing year for all things geek ranging from books, movies and tv shows to conventions, games, comics and gadgets. But what was the best part of the year?

We asked the Geek Syndicate team what they thought and one thing that everyone agreed on is that 2011 was a great geek year and that 2012 can only get better.

NUGE: Captain America was one for me as t was great to see a Pulp adventure film again on the big screen. I really hope if they do a sequel they are able to some how keep it set in the same time period (cap flashbacks maybe ?). The rise and rise of the UK Convention scene – thanks to shows like Thought Bubble, MCM Expo, Kapow, Cardiff Comic Con, Bristol Comic Con, SFX Weekender and many many more it has never been a better time to be hitting the UK convention circuit as a guest, visitor or exhibitor. It seems that no matter your location there’s something going on close by worth attending. I reckon this will only increase n 2012 with more new shows starting up.

I loved seeing the teasers for the John Carter, The Dark Knight Rises (remember teaser not the trailer) and the Hobbit simply because they are how ‘teasers’ should be done…set you up with great expectations of what’s to come but without giving too much away. My overall moment however has to be the first time I watched the Avengers trailer. I picked this for the simple reason that I never believed from that first easter egg that we would end up with a fully fledged Avengers film. Hats off to Marvel for pulling this off.

On a personal level it was meeting and interviewing Robert Watts who was a producer on the first three Indiana Jones films. Hearing him talk first hand about his experiences on set was huge thing for a massive Indy fan like myself. Also I got to meet and have a drink with John Cassaday, the artist on Planetary my favourite ever comic series and having the chance to talk all things pulp with him, a top bloke.

However my number one personal geek highlight was holding Tales of the Fallen and issue 2 of Fallen Heroes in my hands and working with so many fantastic creative people who bought my characters to life in comic form is my single best geek experience of the year.

MIRJANA: So many awesome geeky things happened this year. For a big, grand answer, I would have to go with Comic Con 2011 – attending my first ever con was all I could’ve asked for and more, and I didn’t even kill anyone! On a smaller scale, I have to say my favorite geek movie of the year was X-Men: First Class.  I was so happy to see them return to form after the last couple of movies, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next one!

MATTHEW P: It really has been a great year for Geekdom! For me the geeky high point has to be the wonderful world of technology we now have at our finger tips! Most of it has been around before this year however this year has been the true rise of mobile connected technology on a wide scale! I now have a phone that at the touch of a button becomes a high powered digital camera, Sat nav, Music Player, internet portal, Gaming device, calculator and newspaper! I also have a tablet that does all these things but on a 10 inch screen!

I think we all forget that only 10 years ago we were nowhere near as connected as we are now! If I’m in a convention hall at a Comic show and want to record a video interview, edit it, write a text article to accompany it, Post it to Geek Syndicate and the tweet about it! i can do it all whilst stood in a queue for a autograph! That is AMAZING!! Thanks to this technology i now have friends all over the world! And i can talk to them whenever I want for pretty much no cost! Just imagine what we will have next December!

VICHUS: I would have to say that the coming of The Avengers movie is my highlight of 2011. There have been a few team superhero movies, some intentionally funny, while others have been the butt of jokes. With the Avengers teaser trailer, we now have one of the Big Two teams brought to life, and I’m glad that what they’ve shot so far looks good.

DAVE: For me it has to be the continued rise I digital comics. I swore off individual “floppy” issues about 6 or 7 years ago and moved entirely over to trades. Now in 2011 I find myself checking the comiXology App every new comics day to see what’s been released and I’m back to buy singles for DC’s new 52. I never thought I would see the day. Being able to buy digital issues on the day of release and carry dozens of them around with me is amazing. Not that it’s perfect. DRM is a pain and I think the price is still too high for most issues but with he vast number of sales that happen I now “own” literally hundreds of digital books. Just think of all the room I’m saving!

MATT F: For me, i think 2011 was the year I finally “got” the ultra-tech revolution that a lot of people got a few years before me. I was already on Twitter but its this year i started to use it, and understand it’s attractions. I bought a Kindle, and a proper Smartphone, and already have a hard time wondering how I managed without them. So with any geek event that enjoyed this year – the films, the cons, the TV shows, the comics, there came with that huge enjoyment multiplier that I was able to share that so readily with the like-minded across the world. How cool is that?

THOMAS: Wow, this question covers such a huge range! I’ve loved 2011 and there has been some amazing moments, from the Marvel movies getting into full swing, to some great next-gen games we’ve seen like Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed. But out of all of those fantastic things, for me the best geek moment was Kapow! That con had a great vibe and I got meet some of my all-time favourite creators! The Hilton bar afterward with Jack, Barry and the Geeky Girls love Sci-Fi Crew was awesome, THAT was my standout moment. And it wouldn’t have happened without GS!

LUKE: My stand out moment would have to be the birth of the new 52. I’m a huge dc comics fan anyway but the energy and vibe that it has built has been phenomenal. Both bat titles (synders and daniels) johns’ green lantern and the flash are probably my stand outs with a special mention for animal man.

BRODYSIXX: I think it’s been a good year for Geek TV shows and Web Series’. I love that ‘geek’ is more in the mainstream as we have a lot more at our fingertips and are encouraged to be proud of what we love! It’s been a good year for gaming too with hand-cramp featuring quite a lot. Oh, and Game of Thrones gets it’s own name check…because that was just AWESOME! Bring on 2012!!

GEORGE: Oh man this is really hard work. Gaming this year was just beyond awesome. Uncharted 3, Arkham City, DCUO, the growth of Kinect, 3DS. I think for level of detail, gameplay and arrows to the knee Skyrim has to be my favourite geek thing this year. That, and being able to get the complete collection of Tintin on Bluray! 🙂

MONTOYA: I have to say it is the Marvel films and what they are doing. It just keeps getting better and better and it is all leading up to The Avengers…..

PHILIP: Geez, tough question! Well book related I am going to cheat here a bit as, whilst published first in 2009 in the States my choice didn’t get released in the UK until 2011. So it’s got to be John Dies at the End by David Wong (pseudonym of Jason Pargin). A kick-ass horror/comedy which just throws out the rule book as two guys battle the forces of evil; keep an eye out for the film version in 2012 directed by Don Coscarelli and starring Paul Giamatti; it should be awesome.  Warning to Barry – there be spiders in it!

DION: There are two outstanding moments in the geekosphere for me this year, two ‘products’ that almost made me weep with joy.
Being a huge fan of his Song Of Ice And Fire series of books it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch the television adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Whilst it was not perfect, the way HBO captured the tone of the story, the degree to which they invested in the production of the series, and the way they managed to turn millions of viewers into new readers gave me real hope for small screen fantasy and the fantasy genre as a whole. The other earthshaker for me was the utter delight that was Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.  I’ve enjoyed Herge’s series since childhood but Spielberg, Jackson et al have taken a fun little adventure and turned it into truly memorable cinema. The characterisation was perfect, the humour full of belly laughs, the 3D genuinely added to the experience and the action was beyond thrilling – damn it, they out-Indied Indiana Jones in my book (sorry Barry.) With follow ups to both on the way, the future couldn’t look brighter!

CLARKY THE CRUEL: For me my Geek highlight is the very personal one having the joy of running a roleplaying game again (Www.alfiesantics.wordpress.com if anyone’s interested) Great bunch of players & lots of lovely support from fellow old school gamers. Just pips the wargaming fun I’ve had.

BROGEN: I don’t know what mine is… My new iPhone? Talking Spinal Tap with Harry Shearer? Ooh! Maybe going to Cannes as an accredited journalist? Or Game of Thrones…? It’s been a good year!

SHARLENE: This is a tough one but I’d have to say the best geeky thing of the year was actually two things! First? Finally giving in and discovering the wibbly wobbly timey wimey goodness that is Doctor Who! “What? WHAT?” That’s right – I fought it for YEARS and this summer realized my love for everything TARDIS-y. My Doctor is the 10th and I’m slightly proud and embarassed of the fact that I used my sonic screwdriver on Anthony Head at Comic Con. Speaking of SDCC…

That leads to the second best thing: Comic Con, Geek Syndicate-style! It’s always crazy but it was a whirlwind week of geeky goodness with lots of hugs, meeting amazing people like John Barrowman and Mehki Phifer. I have a feeling 2012 is only going to be more exciting!

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