Warner Bros Showcase Day – Games, Video on Demand in the Cloud and Glasses Free 3D

Warner Bros. staff will be on hand to demonstrate, and guide you through its latest and upcoming releases across all forms of digital distribution, including Acetrax TV, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, along with demonstrations of upcoming 3D Blu-ray titles. And you’ll have a chance to play the hottest videogame titles for Christmas!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited down to Warner Bros London HQ  to see some of their latest developments in entertainment and gaming.

First up I got some hands on time with some of the latest games (Arkham City, Lego Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: War in the North).

With Arkham City it goes without saying that in the short time I played it I was convinced that my gaming life would have a serious hole in it without this game (a hole which has now been filled).  Lego Harry Potter was a lot of fun but nothing new over many of the other Lego games doing the rounds. No bad thing though and if you’re a Potter fan then I think it’s worth a look see. I did get to play War in the North, it looked pretty but wasn’t bowled over by it. I did see enough to make we want to check out a demo so maybe a hands on with that will give me a better idea.

Next up I got my grubby mitts some pretty impressive 3D technology. The most impressive of these was the  Qosmio F7500 from Toshiba which boasts 3D glasses free technology, which as someone who gets constantly annoyed at having to wear 3d glasses over normal glasses I was very interested in. My skeptical levels were high as the demo started but the minute the eye tracking technology  had locked onto my position and switched over to 3D the doubts were blown away. I was seriously impressed by the tech and although I was given a lengthy explanation of how it all worked the thought ‘This is sorcery’ kept running through my head.

Now hold your breath here comes the science bit.

Astonishing Glasses-free 3D. The revolutionary Qosmio F750 takes 3D to the next level. Removing the need for glasses, 3D entertainment and gaming are brought to life like never before. It features a Full HD 3D 39.6cm (15.6”) screen that allows you to display 2D and 3D content simultaneously and the integrated webcam intelligently tracks eye movements to ensure the 3D effect matches your eye position. The F750 also features the latest quad core Intel® processor, Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, dedicated nVIDIA® graphics, Harman Kardon speakers and Blu-ray XL drive with 2D to 3D DVD conversion.

After the demo I had a short chat with a Sarah Dickinson from Toshiba about the Qosmio. To find out more about the laptop head over to the main Toshiba site.

Direct Download:  Toshiba Qosmio Interview

Listen Online:

Next up was an interview with the guys at Acetrax who were there showing off their Cloud VOD service which is integrated on pretty much all Smart TV’s (with the exception of Sony) as a premium application. To be honest in terms of fancy features  there’s not much from Acetrax that grabbed me however that wasn’t what the developers have been concentating on. Content and Speed were the two forces that drove the development of the system.  Acetrax has the latest films available to stream (they were showing me the new Green Lantern film) and it streamed without hitch but then again we were in Warner Bros HQ. The real test I think will come in the home with someone using it on their minimum suggested broadband speed

I had a chat with the guys from Acetrax about their service.

Listen Online: Acetrax interview

Direct Download: Acetrax interview

So a lot of loft claims from Acetrax.  I was impressed in how well the films stream but I was in a state of the art environment so I would have expected that. I’ll wait to hear from people currently using the service before making a final judgment. If any of you have then please share your experiences. Does it live up to the hype in the interview? I do like the idea that you can just stick money into your account as and when you need it rather than having to pay a fixed amount each month.

Head over to Acetrax to find out more about the service they offer.

Big thanks to the Warner Bros. team for the invite!

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