Western Heroes is coming – Winchester Rifle Controller for your Wii Anyone?

As I checked the usual list of gaming press releases nothing really jumped out at me until I saw Western Heroes. Now on the face of it Western Heroes looks like standard lightgun shooter with graphic which aren’t going to set the world on fire but there are two things which are leaning me towards checking it out. Number one it’s a western shooter and I do love a good western style game and two is this

If the option of using your very own Winchester rifle controller (Sorry move controllers but you’ve got nothing on this bad boy) hasn’t got your interest peaked than I don’t know what will.

The gun’s lever action beneath the trigger will reload in-game, to replicate the repeater action of ‘the rifle that won the West’.

Do I really need to say more?

Check out the press release below for more info.


London, UK – 6th October, 2010 – International publisher Bigben Interactive has today invited younger gamers to saddle up and ride out for the fastest light gun duel to end them all, Western Heroes. Released exclusively for Nintendo Wii, Western Heroes will be bundled with a unique Wii Remote and Nunchuck compatible rifle peripheral – based on the famous Winchester rifle – when it is published this November.

In a setting inspired by the great Spaghetti Westerns of the 20th century, Western Heroes tells the story of four seasoned compadres on a mission to foil the devious plans of the sinister Molina, who threatens to turn the rugged prairies into an industrial wasteland. Up to four players at a time will blast their way through classic ‘Wild West’ scenarios including a steam train, a cattle ranch, an old mine and many more. Completing story mode chapters will unlock additional challenges and survival mode levels for extended play to test players’ accuracy and reactions.

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    Getting this badboy!! Gonna get me a cowboy hat to go with it!! YEE HAA!!

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