Xbox 360 Natal release date, price leaked?

Project Natal


The UK Video Games Industry site MCV have revealed details of what they say will be the launch of Natal on the Xbox 360. MCV claim a  November 2010 release with 5m units globally available and 14 compatible games, and a surprising super-low sub-£50 price

This and other details have emerged following a behind-closed-doors Microsoft tour of UK publishers and studios Microsoft has been demoing the tech and detailing its 2010 plans in order to spur more development support.

Microsoft is planning to manufacture 5m units for day one release, with a mix of console and camera plus solus SKUs expected. Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, Disney, EA, Konami, MTV, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, THQ and Ubisoft all committed to make games for the device in an announcement made at last month’s Tokyo Game Show

Project Natal has been named one of Time Magazine’s Inventions of the Year. This is the third major honour the 360 motion camera has received this past month including the Popular Mechanics 2009 Breakthrough Award and Popular Science Best of What’s New Grand Award

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  1. This I would say is goning to be the downfall for the 360. It will be flooded with all of those Wii players.

    • Andrew /

      That makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Project Natal makes the Wii look like the cheap, gimicky, underpowered console that it is.

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