Xbox Scraps the Family Pack

downloadE-mails have gone out to Xbox Live Gold Family Pack owners stating that as of 27th August all memberships will be moved to individual accounts. Is this a logical step or just a money-making scheme? 

For the past 3 years I’ve paid £70 a year for Xbox Live Gold for four accounts used by my husband, my sister and I (we’ve never used the fourth account) and it has financially made sense.  I can also see how these accounts are great for families as the main account is the one who can buy points, allocate allowances and put controls on set accounts which can’t be tinkered with by little geniuses.

As of the 27th August all family pack accounts will be switched to individual membership with a bonus 3 months for each member being transferred over. The allowance settings will go immediately and parental controls will only be able to be set in the main system settings, meaning the little darlings would be able to change them back or access unsuitable content on other consoles. It also now means that rather than the £70 a family of  four would pay, they will now have to pay £160 a bit of a hike in these tough times.

Sharing content will still be available but only on Home Gold on the Xbox One, details about what else Home Gold offers are still vague but it seems to be just the sharing element of the family pack.

In my cynical opinion these feels like a money-making scheme, I can’t see any why they have got rid of the family pack other than they can make more money without it.  I thought the family pack was perfect for families, especially in my dad’s household where my little brother wanted his weekly pocket-money in Xbox points (500 points rather than £5) and he is tech savvy and would try to get around the parental controls.

Overall I can see these changes hurting any idea of the Xbox being a “family friendly” console that the family pack helped to build.

GS Reporter: Amy
Source: Xbox

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