Street Masters – Beat-Em-Up Game Hits Kick Starter

Side-scrolling Beat-Em-Ups were a staple of the video game world in the 1980s and 1990s, with classics like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage leading the path. If you’re a fan of those games or of the thought of wading through waves of enemy goons, kick-punching your way to victory then head on over to the Street Masters project on KickStarter. This may well be the table-top game for you.

Street Masters is a co-operative boardgame for one to four players inspired by those classic games. The game can be played in either “arcade” mode which is the jump-in-and-play mode pitting players against a set of enemies, or “story mode” which is a more in-depth game-mode, allowing players to develop their fighter and play through their personal story.

Street Masters Characters ArtStreet Masters Characters Miniatures

Here’s the official low-down from the Street Masters project page:

Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom is a 1-4 player miniatures, board game that includes over 65 highly detailed miniature figures! The game combines the concept of a tactical combat board game with the flexibility of an intricate card game. Acclaimed designers Adam and Brady Sadler (The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game) have developed a streamlined system that focuses on modularity and action, with fighters, bosses, rivals, allies, and stages forming a “sandbox” for players to mix-and-match, creating their own epic showdowns.


The game offers both an action-packed “Arcade Mode” where players completely customize their experience with any combination of fighters, bosses, and stages, as well as a narrative campaign “Story Mode,” where the fighters’ victories, defeats, and choices help unravel the lore of the game. In “Story Mode,” victory means helpful perks, while defeat inflicts dangerous penalties. Game plays in approximately 45-120 minutes.

An early version of the rule-book is available on the project phase and it looks like this will be a game that takes a couple of turns to get into the swing of but then be relatively fast paced as players become familiar. I’m off to check out some of the preview videos then probably to pledge …

There are currently 18 days left on the project, which has already met it’s funding goal and is eating into its stretch goals. Here’s the Kickstarter project video to get you started.

Source: Kickstarter
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