New Table Game ‘Will You Become The Praetor’ Launched by NSKN

Our friends at NSKN Games have announced some exciting details for their upcoming release Praetor

NSKN are one of those game publishers to keep an eye on. We have played Exodus: Proxima Centauri and really love it and you will see just how much soon as we will be adding that game to our list for TableTop Day on Saturday April 5th. However this is all about the newest family member called Praetor.

In Praetor players will take the role of Roman engineers working together to build a magnificent city and competing for the title of Praetor. Each player will manage workers which are gaining experience throughout the game to build districts in the Roman city of Segedunum, while using the same districts to recruit new workers, gain resources, praise the gods and gain Caesar’s favor. In the end, the most skillful of them will win the game and become Praetor.

Sounds cool right? Well not long to wait because Praetor by NSKN will be officially launched at the UK Games Expo at the end of May but out to retailers  in June.


You can see from the above picture that there is some lovely artwork going on in this game and also Praetor by NSKN has been designed by Andrei Novac who also developed Warriors and Traders and Exodus: Proxima Centauri so you know it already has a great pedigree.

I am a fan of worker placement games and this game sounds like it has a great game mechanic including retiring your workers which is a very cool idea. In fact this games has used a theme that is a key part of the actual game and not just a name using a theme.

Every turn you will place your Workers on previously built City Tiles to gain resources, Morale, new Workers or Favor Points. You may also assign Workers to build new City Tiles or spend resources to meet Caesar’s demands to gain Favor Points. At the end of each turn, you will have to pay your Workers. Otherwise, the mood in the city will deteriorate.

Most of the actions your Workers will perform will help them gain experience. They will become increasingly skilled in collecting resources. Your most experienced Workers will eventually retire and bring you additional Favor Points but you will still have to show solidarity and pay them until the end of the game.

The game ends when there are no more City Tiles available or when Caesar has no more demands for resources. The player with the most Favor Points will be appointed Praetor and win the game.

Want to know what you get in the box?

42 City Tiles
14 Wall Tiles representing the demands of Caesar
40 dice in 5 colors representing Workers
5 Player Boards
1 Common Board for tracking Favor Points and the turn order
75 wooden discs in 5 colors representing Markers for each player
90 wooden cubes in 4 colors representing resources (25 Wood, 25 Stone, 20 Marble, 20 Weapons)
49 Gold tokens (1 Gold and 5 Gold)
4 Summary Sheets

Check out some game play below.

Source: NSKN Praetor
Reporter: Montoya

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