GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 59

Happy New Year and welcome to episode 59 of the podcast. One again Amaechi, Barry and Ant discuss the latest games, news and stories from the gaming world. This month is our annual Game of The Year special where all three of us reveal our top 3 games of 2013, our special mentions and disappointments.

In this months longer than usual episode Amaechi joins Ant and Barry as a next gen console owner and also dusts off his old gaming PC and rediscovers PC gaming. Barry got hooked on Ryse Son of Rome over Christmas while Ant got his super hero powers stuck into the Young Justice game.

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Sony announce its PlayStation Now streaming service.

Mirrors Edge sequel in development but with a new writer.

Sony patents a system that can detect if a game has been played on another profile.

13 Steam Machines unveiled at CES.

Apples Apps store makes $10 billion in sales in 2013 thanks to 8 games in the top 10 apps.


GOTY 2013 – we look back and discuss our top 3 games of 2013 and name our overall The Next Level/Geek Syndicate Game of the Year 2013.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

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