IDW Brings Chew to Your Tabletop

Announced the night of May 18th at the Diamond Retailer Summit, IDW Games and Chew creators John Layman and Rob Guillory have reached a deal to to bring a new line of Chew tabletop games to fans. Already on its way to an animated adaptation, Chew is going to give fans even more ways to enjoy the story starting in early 2015.

“I love working with IDW. I love the people there, and am always in awe of their commitment to quality,” says Chew creator John Layman. “We’re gonna do everything we can to make the Chew game every bit as awesome as the rest of IDW’s stuff. I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity, and Rob [Guillory] and I are going to be deeply involved in this thing– every step of the way!”

The Chew game line aims to give fans a wide selection of play options, from board games to card games to dice games, each being a standalone experience. IDW is bringing top game designers into the design process, while Layman and Guillory will stay involved to make sure the games feature the same unique feel that Chew has been so famous for.

“IDW has always loved working with John Layman and Rob Guillory,” says IDW’s Director of Business Development Jerry Bennington. “Chew has grown into an amazing project, and we’re excited to bring it to the fans in a brand-new way. We’re looking forward to putting Tony Chu in all kinds of bad positions, and letting fans step in to save the day.”

As a fan of Chew, this is amazing news. As a fan of card and board games, this is even better. Layman and Guillory have created a fantastic world and story in Chew, so it’ll be very interesting to see it adapted into various games. I know I’ll be eagerly awaiting what gets released in early 2015.

Source: IDW Games

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