IndieBox Brings Back Boxes for PC Games

I don’t mind digital distribution, as long as the price is right (and by right I mean less than the physical copy). I do sometimes miss the feeling that I used to get when I purchased a new game from a shop though. The feeling of weight in your hands, the smell of fresh cardboard and paper…it was just part of the experience. It is an experience that is even less likely with indie games sadly, as a great many just stick to digital distribution methods like Steam or the various App Stores.

IndieBox is attempting to remedy that situation, by bringing us Indie games in their collector’s edition format straight to our letter box. It is a subscription service that offers to send you a random (as in not chosen by you) indie game each month in its own ‘Nostalgia-Filled’ crafted box. Every game is DRM-free and is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. You can also buy past boxes through the webstore which at the moment are: Escape Goat 2, Forced and Teslagrad (although Teslagrad is currently sold out). You can see what you would get with Teslagrad below:

Teslagrad IndieBox

Prices start at $16.99 (just over £10) per month but the more months you buy upfront, the cheaper it becomes. It is also quite expensive for postage if you don’t live in the U.S (add almost £8 unless my maths fails me).

I really like it that something like this exists. Some might balk at the price and random nature of the system but I am sure it will tickle more than a few nostalgia glands. Check out the IndieBox site for more info.

All of those years ago when buying boxed games for my Amiga, I would never have imagined that in the future, fewer games would be boxed and a service would arise that would bring back the cardboard holders of my youth.

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