Journey to the Icefinger Mountains with Tin Man Games

Listeners of The Next Level will be aware that I recently discovered the gamebook range released on tablet devices by Tin Man Games. Of specific interest to me were the adaptations of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks that were published during the 1980s and 1990s. These books were really my entry into fantasy worlds and I have very fond memories of making up my own life in the worlds presented in them.

The apps on tablet have brought the format to life once more and suit the platform perfectly. Tin Man Games have recently released their seventh adaptation of a Fighting Fantasy book – Caverns of the Snow Witch. I have fond memories of this book, which begins in the icy tundra of the northern mountains, proceeds as a dungeon crawl through the epynomous caverns of the Snow Witch and then becomes a race against time towards the end.

Tin Man’s other adaptations have been beautiful creations, with new colour versions of the original artwork, a fluid dice mechanic and three modes of play – hardcore, normal or “cheat” which allows the reader to proceed through the story without worrying too much about finding “the one true path”. Caverns of the Snow Witch comes thirty years after its original release. Here’s what series co-creator and the adventure’s writer, Ian Livingstone has to say:

It’s thirty years since Fighting Fantasy fans first descended into the Crystal Caves of Icefinger Mountains to try to defeat the dreaded Snow Witch. Now it’s time to try again on tablets and smart phones thanks to the wonderful digital magic of Tin Man Games who have brought the nightmare frozen realm of the Snow Witch to life.

The game company has also commissioned some new artwork for their new adaptation and the app also allows for readers to make the gamebook look like its original release, with the original ink artwork and paper effect pages.

Caverns of the Snow Witch - Old Art

Caverns of the Snow Witch – Old Art

And New Caverns of the Snow Witch Art

And New Caverns of the Snow Witch Art

Caverns of the Snow Witch - Landscape ViewCaverns of the Snow Witch - Combat

I’ll be sure to pick this up and I think you should too. If you enjoyed the tundra environment of Skyrim and are after more such adventures, you could do far worse than delve into the Caverns of the Snow Witch. In fact, I think it was this book that led to my love of adventures set in icy mountain locations. Skyrim, Icewind Dale have much to thank this book for!

Head on over to Tin Man‘s dedicated Fighting Fantasy web site for more information and to get hold of a copy for £3.99. That’s cheaper than a paperback and will provide hours of fun.

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