KICKSTARTER: Board Buddies App Aims to bring Dice Rollers Together

Board Buddies is a potential app for Android and iOS, an app that hopes to help board gamers arrange and coordinate board gaming events in the user’s local community. I say potential app, because at the moment, it’s in sore need of funding, but it does have a Kickstarter campaign up and running, so hopefully that will change.

Board Buddies, once released, will be free, and will contain a variety of features, some depending on the levels of backing achieved with the Kickstarter. The user will create a profile, and once complete, will be able to search for or create an Event around a particular board game, even being able to choose their favourite rule set and variation, just so it’s clear which version of the game will be played. The user will also be able to see who has RSVP’d to attend an event, as well as possible (stretch goal depending) in-app chatting with other users. Basically, the more funding it gets, the more friend-making and gaming possibilities will be included.


Board Buddies’ Kickstarter runs until 15th March 2018, with a release date for the app, all being well, around May for Android, and slightly later for iOS due to Apple’s certification process. As is nearly always the way with Kickstarter, there are a variety of backing options and rewards available, so if you think that Board Buddies is something you’d like to back, head over to its Kickstarter below and have a read.

Source: Board Buddies
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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