Mad Max: Stronghold Trailer available now

September sees the release of Avalanche Studios and WB Games‘ open-world  sandbox (literally!) vehicular extravaganza, Mad Max. The game’s post apocalyptic desert environment contains a number of outposts where survivors band together. It’s these strongholds (as the game refers to them) and some key inhabitants that form the focus of the latest trailer released by the publishers. And here it is.

I have to admit to being a bit on the fence about Mad Max at the moment. I’m suffering a little from Open World fatigue. The vehicle focus is a little off-putting to someone like me who is not very good at car-based games unless the handling is somewhat arcadey.

Having said that, the vehicle customisation should give this game a different feel to most and I unexpectedly enjoyed Fury Road more than I expected.

I guess I should do a little more research into this one …

Source: Press Release
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