Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to XBOX ONE and PS4?

There were some vague rumblings back in March that Bioware may be porting their space epic to the new generation of consoles. Today, it’s been spotted that Chilean retailer zmart has listed both XBOX ONE and Playstation 4 versions of the trilogy on their web site.

Here’s a screen grab of a search on their site for “Mass Effect”, incase they take the listings down.

Mass Effect Trilogy

It’s difficult to see from the packaging whether these will be in the current trend of “HD” remakes or whether the existing games have simply been ported “as is”.

There’s no news from Bioware about this and I haven’t spotted it popping up anywhere else online either.

As some one who has played through the three game multiple times (I think four, three and two play throughs respectively), I for one would probably pick this up if it does turn out to be an actual real world thing.

Reporter: WedgeDoc
Source:, via computersadnvideogames

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