Minions Paradise Now on Mobile App Stores

It’s hard to remember a time when the little yellow characters haven’t been seen adorning all manner of film posters, DVD cases and miscellaneous other advertising. The Minions are certainly here to stay and if you can’t get enough of them, EA has released a mobile game that might give you a little bit more of your chirpy friends.

Minions Paradise follows the story of Phil as he accidentally sinks a cruise ship that happens to be carrying the rest of his Minion friends. To make things right, Phil endeavours to turn the island they find themselves inhabiting into a lovely travel destination. As you do in that situation.


The player will be able to pop hammocks, volleyball courts and other objects and items down that will help Phil in his lofty goal. Parties can be thrown, sports can be played and villains can be invited to stay; so plenty of activities to keep the player playing.


Minions Paradise is a free download but does support in-app purchases, and these seem to be the usual gold and items type fare, ranging from 79p all the way up to £79.99. It is out now on the Apple Store and Google Play store.


GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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