New CO-OP Mission Released for Interstellar Marines

Zero Point Software’s sci-fi FPS Interstellar Marines has seen a monthly flow of updates as it still resides in Steam’s Early Access area. The last couple have been particularly interesting.

Update 15 added a few stealth options for players to take advantage of. The AI now detects different light levels, enabling players to hide in the shadows. There are also various suppressor attachments available for player weapons. The update also added a new Elimination game mode and made other tweaks. You can read the full change log here.

Interstellar Marines Starcrown (2)

The latest update is 16: Assault on Starcrown Aerospace, a brand new CO-OP campaign which utilises the new stealth mechanics added in update 15. Assault on Starcrown Aerospace sees the players using stealth to evade an unscripted AI to retrieve research data.

“Our first co-op campaign map propelled players into the Interstellar Marines universe. We want the Assault on Starcrown Aerospace  mission to expand on that, grabbing players’ interest and immersing them ever more in their role as an Interstellar Marine. Starcrown is all about stealth – using your brain, not just your trigger finger – to secretly and surgically infiltrate an industrial research base. As an Interstellar Marine you do not know what the research is you’re after, but I can tell you it has profound implications for co-op missions we will release in the future”. – Kim Haar Jørgensen, Creative Director of Interstellar Marines.

Interstellar Marines is currently in the Steam Holiday Sale and can be purchased for £10.49, a saving of 25% compared to its regular price. Being in the Early Access area means it is a game in an early state of development, but as can be seen here, is getting plenty of updates that flesh it out more and more with each update. Read the Geek Syndicate review here, but keep in mind that it was written before the last five updates were added to the game.

Interstellar Marines Starcrown (1)

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