New RPG Bedlam to Use the Banner Saga Engine

Stoic, the developers of Nordic turn-based RPG The Banner Saga, has announced that Skyshine games has licensed use of The Banner Saga Engine and tools to be used in creating its own turned-based RPG Bedlam.


“Stoic is excited to support BEDLAM with our engine and eager to see what Skyshine Games can do with it. We love the concept of the game and are happy that some of the ground that we broke with The Banner Saga is now going to contribute to another great project”, said John Watson from Stoic.


“The Banner Saga Engine and Tools have allowed us to hit the ground running, giving us a lot of flexibility in realizing the unique vision for our own game.  Stoic has been an enormous support for us with BEDLAM and as a fellow independent developer, they have provided us with invaluable knowledge gained from their own successful experience.  Skyshine Games could not have asked for a better partnership and we hope it continues for a very long time”, said John Mueller from Skyshine Games.

Now on Kickstarter, Bedlam is described as a “post-apocalyptic roguelike RPG” that was inspired by the likes of The Banner Saga, Faster than Light and XCOM. The player takes control of a mysterious Mechanic, the last known member of a race of inventors, explorers and operators that can control rolling fortresses called Dozers. The role of Mechanic sees you give orders to your crew, upgrade your Dozer, care for passengers and generally try to get people across the wasteland called Bedlam as safely as possible. As with all roguelikes though, you only get one chance to make it.

The Kickstarter for Bedlam hopes to raise $130,000 and is already almost half way there. If you want to back what looks like it will be another great turn-based RPG, click the link in the paragraph above and become a backer. As is usually the case, there are all sorts of goodies on offer for the various tiers of donation/backing.

Bedlam Town Screenshot

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