PC Game Project Stealth Hits Kickstarter

Indie games developer Heartcore Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its multi-player stealth-action game Project Stealth.

Project Stealth is an asymmetrical 2 vs 2 multiplayer stealth game that pits two teams of entirely different makeup against each other across four different environments. One side features elite soldiers with heavy fire power and defensive abilities. The other consists of gadget laden athletic spies. A mastery of both sides will be the only way to fulfil your roll in any given match.

The developer is hoping to raise €90,000 over the course of the Kickstarter which will end Jun 21st. If you are curious about the game and fancy having a hand in its gestation, head over to the Kickstarter page here.

ProjectStealthScrshot (2) ProjectStealthScrshot (1) ProjectStealthScrshot (3)

Source: ProjectStealthGame.com
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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