Quadrilateral Cowboy Source Code Released

The source code of a videogame is usually hidden away and protected, not meant for tinkering types to run their eyes over, even more so if that game has only been out a few weeks. Blendo Games’ Quadrilateral Cowboy however, that’s a different story. A few years ago, while the game was in development, developer Brendon Chung tweeted that the source code would be released with the game and true to his word, it has been. The game uses the idTech 4 engine, the source code is written in c++ and has been released under the GPL License. You can download the source code from the FAQ here.

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So what is the game itself about? Quadrilateral Cowboy is a hacking game set in a first-person cyberpunk world. The player must attempt to complete a number of heists, negotiating the various security systems and barriers by using various commands and timings, by way of typing into their portable hacking device. Check out the release trailer below for a better idea of what it entails:

Quadrilateral Cowboy is out now for PC, with the Mac and Linux versions to follow in September. It has received some pretty good reviews and to me, looks like a good deal of fun. And don’t worry, the game doesn’t assume you know anything about programming, but I would imagine some kind of passing knowledge will help you to grapple with the game’s commands etc a little more easily.

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Source: Blendo Games, PC Gamer
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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