Retro Gaming Music Kickstarter The Piano Collection Funded in 66 Minutes

If you have been a gamer since the time of cassette tapes and floppy disks, you will probably have listened to some of Chris Huelsbeck’s soundtracks. He has a Kickstarter campaign up right now that is seeking funding for The Piano Collection album and score book, which will feature piano arrangements from Huelsbecks best known classics from C64 and Amiga, played by pianist Patrick Nevian. Scores confirmed so far include The Great Gianna Sisters (Medley), the R-Type Theme and Apidya. The Kickstarter project itself met its $10,000 goal in only 66 minutes and is currently sitting at approximately $62,000.


The Great Gianna Sisters

Along with the album, a limited edition score book will be available, containing the sheet music of the pieces and biographical information about Huelsbeck’s career. The Biographical Score Book is strictly limited in physical form but will be available for purchase digitally. The Piano BookThe Kickstarter still has a few days to run, ending on 11th January. If you fancy getting in on the action, head to The Piano Book page here and pledge your support. As usual, various levels of support get your various perks and gifts so have a good read.

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