Rise of the Tomb Raider Announced for 2015

If you were to ask me what my biggest surprise game was for 2013, I would have to say Tomb Raider. Prior to playing that game (which I voted as game of the year in out GotY episode of The Next Level) I had no real interest or involvement with the franchise. That changed in a massive way.

At E3, the game’s sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced with a teaser trailer that really had me excited. There’s a year to wait for the Crystal Dynamics developed sequel, but here’s the b;lurb and trailer for your enjoyment.

In her first adventure, Lara Croft was forged into a true survivor, but she glimpsed a deeper, secret world. In the next chapter of her journey, Lara must use her survival skills and wits, learn to trust new friends, and ultimately accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider.

GS Blogger: WedgeDoc
Source: Press Release

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