Robocop: The Movie: [The Remake] The Official Game (Trailer)

Everything that can become a game will become a game. That was true when ET: The Extra Terrestrial became an Atari title and it is still true in 2014. Let’s watch gameplay for the Robocop game, based on the new movie.

This is a free to play title, so maybe I should be kinder to it. Here’s the deal, though: it looks like it stinks. It looks like a weak knock-off of other, better third person shooters. I never imagined Robocop as a third person shooter, anyway. An FPS seems more like Alex Murphy’s style, and I imagine Robocop to be slightly more stealthy.

We’re not getting the Robocop game I want. We’re getting this little game they put out for iPhone and iPad. Maybe it’s a fun distraction– despite being very generic. If this game fails to capture the cop turned cyborg, there are many games from previous generations to play.

Reporter: Vichus Smith
Source: Destructoid

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