Satellite Reign Gets Bigger, Receives Improvements and a Discount

Since my review of 5 Lives Studios’ Satellite Reign (view here) the game has continued to develop and grow. On 7th March, the game was updated to version 0.4, and with this came the addition of a the new Industrial District. The domain of the Uzy Korporatsiya, or Uzy Korp, a Russian-based organisation that controls the imports and exports of the city and are big in the armour trade. All in all, not a place to idly walk around by the sounds of it.

Along with Uzy Korp, another new faction has been added to the game: The Eternals. A corp founded on religious principles, they operate the City Surveillance Authority and sound just as dangerous.

satellitereignmarch (3)

Other things added in the latest update include:

  • A new user-interface which should bring improvements both in style and function.
  • A streaming system that will stream the game world into memory dynamically, which aids the aim of having a large city without loading screens and also frees up a little GPU memory into the bargain.
  • There is a new civilian system which should have a more numerous population of civilians roaming the streets thanks to a change in the way civilians are handled in memory.
  • Some new tactical opportunities have been added, such as the Hardwire ability and the possibility of your agents now using ventilation systems to get around the city.
  • There are also some bug fixes to the OpenGL mode which should smooth things a little for Linux and Mac users.

All in all, not a bad update as I’m sure you`ll agree. It’s nice to see the game progressing in a manner that keeps the momentum going and helps you glimpse a little more of what it might achieve nearer launch.

satellitereignmarch (1)

At the moment, Satellite Reign is 20% off on Steam, making it £18.39 instead of £22.99. Go and pick it up if you are a fan of RTS games set in futuristic settings.

Before you go though, have a look at this cool Diorama video that shows off Satellite Reign‘s visuals:

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