Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Bitcomposer and Games Farm have announced that their action-RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is coming to Steam Early Access on June 13th. Players will be able to enjoy the whole first chapter of the game including the first boss fight as one of the game’s main protagonists. As is the nature of other Early Access games, new features and improvements will be added as game development progresses, such as voiced dialogues and the crafting system.


Game Features:

  • Switching seamlessly between the shadow world and the human world provides depth in the storyline and gameplay
  • Freedom of choice allows players to dictate the course of the game
  • Dynamic day and night cycles in elaborately designed locations
  • Gripping story in a world filled with myths, fates and legendary creatures
  • Unique party system puts players’ strategic thinking abilities and reaction times to the test

Have a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of the style and setting of the game:

Shadows_Heretic_Kingdoms_Screenshot_3 Shadows_Heretic_Kingdoms_Screenshot_1 Shadows_Heretic_Kingdoms_Screenshot_2


GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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