Space Engineers sells 500,000 copies

Space adventure game Space Engineers has sold 500,000 copies in Steam’s Early Access initiative. Developed by Keen Software House, the sandbox game features all manner of scenarios and building-block style fun set in the hostile void of space.  The game launched on Early Access on 23rd October 2013 and has steadily been improved and added to with each frequent update.

“We are very excited to celebrate this milestone with our fans, whose encouragement and active participation made this possible. As an independent developer, finding an audience of this size, with this kind of support for our game – even while the product is still in development – is incredibly inspiring. The fans, with their limitless ideas and passion, continue to push us to improve, add features, and develop innovations that our community deserves.” – Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder, Keen Software House.

Space Engineers Screenshot

In my opinion, games like Space Engineers are what make the PC gaming platform as strong it is. No matter what your interest or inclination, the chances are high that someone has made a game that is just right for you.

Space Engineers Website

Reporter: Casey Douglass

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