Star Wars Battlefront confirmed for E3

At last year’s E3, EA Games revealed that Battlefield developer DICE were working on a new online shooter set in the Star Wars galaxy. Titled Star Wars Battlefront, the game is a re-boot of the successful shooters that were released a couple of console generations ago on PC, XBOX and Playstation 2. I spent many an hour on both the PC and XBOX versions of those games (PC for online and XBOX for single or two player co-op … don’t ask) and for once am a little excited for an online shooter. Heck, it’s on my wishlist on Amazon already.

EA have now confirmed that amongst the six titles that are to be revealed at this year’s expo is this reboot. According to Computer and Video Games, the title will be developed by “veteran Battlefield developers” in DICE‘s Stockholm studio.

Personally I hope they manage to not over complicate the experience of the previous games. Part of the joy of them was not worrying about specific weapon models but just being able to jump in as a Sniper or Medic and do well no matter whether you were a “dip in and out” player or a “spend every hour sent to me in this game” player.

Source: computerandvideogames
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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