The Steam Halloween 2016 Sale Is Live Now

It’s that time of year again, the time when Halloween bits and bobs are the only things stopping most shops going all out Xmas crazy. It is also the time when the weather turns a little bit more miserable and the sun drops from the sky with alarming swiftness, so why not stock up on some quality videogames to see you through? The Steam Halloween 2016 Sale is now live and brings with it a host of discounts and reductions to a variety of games. It runs from 28th October until 1st November, so you have plenty of time to decide on what tickles your fancy.

If I was asked to recommend anything (I think I heard a distant voice carried on a chill wind), these would be my own personal picks:


Limbo (£1.39) : Although released in 2011, Playdead’s dark platformer Limbo is still a game worth checking out. The lovely (and brutal) art-style coupled with the game’s bleakness set it up as the perfect accompaniment to a dark autumn evening.


Dying Light Enhanced Edition (£19.99) : While a good deal of Dying Light happens during lovely sunny daytime, when the night rolls in and the more dangerous mutants come out to play, it becomes an almost claustrophobic and heart-pounding romp through city streets and over object-strewn rooftops. A great parkour-based zombie smasher from developer Techland that looks amazing.


Oxenfree (£3.74): I came to Oxenfree only recently, partly due to the game’s graphic style in the screenshots not appealing to me (I know I know, a bit shallow of me). Thankfully, someone’s review on its Steam page said something along the lines of “Like Telltale, only better!” This got my attention as I do enjoy the Telltale adventure games (The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us games happen to be on sale too for around a fiver each). I gave Oxenfree a try and it has become one of my most enjoyed games of the year. It has a charm about it that grows on you and it just begs for at least two playthroughs, maybe more, to try and unravel what is happening, or to get a different ending. Quality stuff from Night School Studio.


Outlast (£3.74) : Another oldish game but one well worth visiting if it passed you by when it originally came out. Outlast sees the player investigating an asylum, the strange practices and gruesome happenings that go on there, often causing the player to have to run for their life and hide in some dark dingy corner. The game makes great use of a camcorder for providing night vision, but just remember to conserve those batteries! Also, keep an eye out for Outlast 2 which is looming on the horizon.

I could probably name a few more games but it’s probably best if you head over to the Steam Store and have a more detailed look for yourself. Happy hunting and have a good Halloween!

Source: Steam
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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