The Wild Eight 10 days to Kickstart and Pre-Alpha Demo

I’ve highlighted the Kickstarter campaign for this isometric survival game a couple of times before. The game has now been funded on Kickstarter and there are ten days remaining in which to add your pledge and help the team meet their stretch goals. To help push you towards clicking that “pledge button”, the team have released a pre-alpha demo which highlights the core mechanics of the game.

I’ve had a bit of a play in the survival world offered by The Wild Eight and I have to say, I enjoyed that play. It’s important to remember that this is Pre-Alpha gameplay and so there is a limited amount of content. The point of the build is to highlight core components of the game. Components like basic crafting and the four elements that are key to the survivor’s … um … survival. These are Health, Stamina , Hunger and Warmth.

Wild Eight Start

Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Myself Into!

The game looks wonderful.  It has a wonderful art style that pops from the screen and makes the game look truly unique. In the pre-alpha, a solitary survivor wakes helpless in the snow. Build a shelter. Find food. How long can you survive?

On my first outing – I lasted two days. Not even long enough to finish the basic tutorial of actions! This was mainly because I was taking my time. The tutorial should have been completed well before that. My second time out, I lasted four. Hurray. Survival is no easy feat in The Wild Eight and nor should it be. Food is scarce and with only a sharpened stick and some throwing rocks (which I suck at using), meat is hard to come by.

Crafting is simple in The Wild Eight. Simply gather the required resources, then hit the build (or craft) button and select the item to make. Place it on the terrain and rotate until your happy. One thing to bear in mind is that the game does not pause while you perform this task! The challenge is not in creating your own unique structure, rather the focus is on SURVIVAL. Time is precious as that hunger meter depletes steadily. Stay away from your fire and you will suffer from the cold. If either these drop to nothing … you die.

Wild Eight 02 In Tent

Structures can be Upgraded once certain conditions are met.

Here are a few tips for getting through those first few days:

  • Remember to LIGHT your Fire. Crafting and placing it is only the start;
  • Keep plenty of wood in your inventory as fires may not light first time;
  • Fold your camp and take it with you – Enter a camp structure and click the FOLD button. You can use this elsewhere;
  • Stay in camp at night – a warm fire and shelter are your best friends;
  • Cook your mushrooms (and Meat). Drag a “raw” item (northern mushrooms / meat) from your toolbar onto a fire. After a few seconds it will be cooked. Eating cooked items is far better for you!
  • Stock up on Berries and Mushrooms. – I found these were my only real food source in the early game. Occasionally I managed to trap an animal in the corner but my sharpened stick wasn’t the best.
  • RIGHT CLICK to drop an item you’re not using;
  • Explore … but watch those stat bars!

You can get hold of the demo (Windows only, I’m afraid) on the Kickstarter page for the project. I’ve had a lot of fun in my attempts to survive. I think you will too.

Source: Pre-Alpha Demo
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