Survival Game The Wild Eight now on Kickstarter

Survival. How would you fare as one of a team of eight survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious snowy mountain? In The Wild Eight, which is now on Steam Greenlight and 45% funded on Kickstarter, this is just one of the questions you can find the answer to.

The Wild Eight takes place in a procedurally generated world, meaning that while the general story remains the same, the game world changes on each play-through. This integration of story and variety is one that appeals to me greatly. The game sees the survivors struggle not only against the elements and the flora and fauna of their environment but also against each other. Who can be trusted? There’s only one way to find out!

I’m an amateur practitioner of bushcraft and survival techniques and the fact that the team producing The Wild Eight are perhaps ideally suited to producing a survival game. Here’s their credentials:

We live in one of the strangest and coldest places on Earth: It’s called Yakutia, where people eat bears for breakfast, develop games for lunch, and gather firewood for dinner — because electricity is too expensive. Who else would know anything about surviving in the wild if not us?

Pretty cool, no?

I’m keeping my eye on this game. I just need to decide whether I’d like it on XBOX One or Windows 10!

Head on over to the Kickstarter page for more details. Here’s a couple of images and a pre-alpha gameplay video to keep you interested.

The Wild Eight Screenshot The Wild Eight Screenshot

Source: Press Release
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