TABLE GAME NEWS: Orphan Black The Card Game

It is always good news when two properties that you trust and enjoy come together to do something great. In this case the excellent Orphan Black TV show have joined forces with IDW Games to bring us Orphan Black: The Card Game.

License board / card games can be hit and miss but when you have a company like IDW Games who have just released The X-Files board game to good praise and also released one of my favourite games of 2014 Machi Koro, then you know the license is in good hands.

But wait there is more not only are IDW Games using the license but they are going to create multiple games based on the Orphan Black show.

On the heels of Orphan Black #1 being announced as February’s top-selling comic, today IDW announced it would release a series of Orphan Black tabletop games. Up first will be a deductive card game scheduled to be in stores this summer. The games will feature characters from the hit show and will further enrich the tension and unpredictability fans have experienced through the first two seasons.

IDW also produce the Orphan Black comic which as you can see above was the top selling comic in February. Fans of the show will be pleased by what John Young, Managing Director of Temple Street Productions who creates the show, had to say.

We’re very excited about the new Orphan Black tabletop games which give our fans the opportunity to spend more time in the Orphan Black world they love and share that experience with friends.

OK so what about the first game to be released, what will it be about…

The first Orphan Black game will be a tense contest of deduction and deception for 3-6 players. In Orphan Black: The Card Game, you are secretly assigned to one of three teams; the Proletheans, Neolutionists, or the Bird Watchers. The goal of the game is to influence as many clones into joining your faction as possible, while also keeping your opponents guessing as to which of the three factions you’re really working for. If you can keep other players in the dark while secretly exerting influence on your targets, you’ll come out on top. The constant uneasiness of not knowing who to trust during the game will have players feeling like they’re living an episode of the hit TV show, and the strategic depth of play will excite even the most avid board gamers.

Now if you are not a board gamer but like the show this could be your way into the growing hobby of gaming. The game is due out in July 2015.


Source: IDW GAMES, IDW Facebook, IDW Twitter
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