TABLE GAME NEWS: The Godfather Games Are Coming

Just yesterday I posted about IDW and their license games including Orphan Black. Well today it is The Godfather which is being announced by IDW Games.

Have you ever wanted to be part of “the family”? Yes there are a few Mafia themed games out there, some good some not so good but The Godfather surely must trump all of these as it really is the .. ahem.. cough…. Godfather of all Mafia brands.

IDW announced it would release a line of The Godfather tabletop games ranging from quick-to-play card and dice games to big box strategic board games. Paramount Pictures’ The Godfather is widely recognized among the most revered films of all-time.

“The Godfather is more than a movie, it’s an icon,” says IDW’s Director of Business Development, Jerry Bennington. “We plan to give players as many options as possible when it comes to gaming in this rich environment. From quick dice fun to intense big box strategy this will be a line of games truly worthy of the name The Godfather.”

Card, Dice and Board games in the Godfather world. Count me in on this. The first game will be the Godfather The Card Game and is due to be released in August 2015 but what is it about?

The Godfather game line will start with a card game due out this summer, and continue to branch out from there. The games will range in length and complexity, and take place in a variety of locations and timelines spanning the trilogy of films. Gamers can look forward to rising to power and doing everything they can to stay on top in a cutthroat world. These games will truly be an offer The Godfather fans can’t refuse.

OK IDW Games please no more announcements otherwise I will have to take out a third mortgage.


Source: IDW GAMES, IDW Facebook, IDW Twitter
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