Party games are great. They can be enjoyed on their own as part of a gathering or as an opener or interlude in a full on games day or night. Say Anything is a game I first encountered at a dinner party … and it saved the evening for me! Here’s a quick review to help inspire you to go out and buy a copy!




Say Anything is a party game which it pays to know your friends! In turns, each player is asked a question, but there’s a twist: the other players will think how the player in turn might answer. Before the player reveals which answer they like the best, the other players get a chance to bet which answer they think is right.

  • Publisher: North Star Games
  • Number of Players: 3–8
  • Play Time (Approx): 30 mins +
  • Ages: 13 +

Say Anything is a party game. It’s recommended for ages thirteen and up, but so long as the younglings you are playing with can think, read and write, then I wouldn’t take this as being gospel. The font of all game knowledge that is rates the game as being 10 + according to its users.

The game – like all good party games – has a very simple premise. In turn, players pick a card which has a number of topics on. These all begin “in my opinion …” and from there could be anything. The player picks one (or adapts one to suit their needs better – there’s no need to stick rigidly to the cards) and reads it out. For example: “in my opinion, the best ever date would be …” the other players write their answers on a board that can be wiped and hide them until all are finished.

The questioner picks their favourite by using a colour selector. The other players vote for what they think the questioner thinks is best with two tokens (these can be placed together or on separate answers). Finally, the true answer is revealed and points scored based on the questioner’s pick and votes. This continues for twelve rounds. Then points are totalled and the winner determined.

It’s a game that encourages wacky responses. Even amongst groups of people who may not know each other that well, it’s usually the crazier answers that appeal. I much prefer this to the similar Cards Against Humanity as that game has a focus on the disturbing answer rather than simply the most honest or funniest. I am not easily offended, but CAH has come close. With Say Anything, each person is more responsible for their answers which tends to tone down the tasteless somewhat.

I have to admit a fondness for the components in the Tactic edition that I got hold of in 2014. But the quality of the North Star edition is equally good. All editions include wipe-clean boards for answers and scoring, and the inclusion of these rather than paper pads is a brilliant move. Just make sure to use dry-wipe markers rather than permanent ones!

Say Anything Components

Scoreboard, Cards and Selector

Say Anything Player Boards

Player Boards and Tokens

The game comes with a huge number of cards, each with four topics. Even without the ability to come up with your own ideas, there’s plenty of scope for re-playability here.

A great alternative to charades or Pictionary at Christmas, Say Anything is the perfect party game. It takes no time at all to setup and the same amount of time to understand. It plays quickly (on the whole – there will probably be the occasional question that stumps somebody) and will definitely start the friendly banter. Consider using this game at the beginning of any game session. Especially if there are strangers present.

If you want a taste of how the game plays, have a look at this episode of Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop with Wil Wheaton. It shows a different edition of the game than the one I own, but it plays exactly the same:

Rating: 5 / 5
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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