The Titans Series – Games For Non-Gamers!




Check out this Kickstarter for a new series of casual, family friendly table top games designed to be ‘gateway games’ for non-gamers!

Brought to life by Calliope Games, The Titan Series brings together some of the world’s best game designers (“Titans”) and some amazing artists to create games to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level or age!

The series promises to be ‘crowd sourced,’ in that backers will be involved in determining the look, themes and content of the games.

The campaign looks set to smash its target, with backer rewards ranging from one game of your choice to all nine games created by the Titans!

For me, anything that encourages more people into the awesome world of social table top games is a plus! I especially love their passion for helping friends’ who might rarely touch a die’ to find the right game for them!

What do you think?

GS Blogger: bintykins

Source: Kickstarter

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