Vampire-based Collectible Card Game Nightbanes Coming to Steam Soon

Vampires have fallen out of fashion a little in recent times. Now it’s zombies zombies zombies, thanks in no small part to The Walking Dead and a few Hollywood films. Nightbanes is putting the fangs back into gaming by giving the player a whole collectible card game based upon a modern horror universe. Vampire clans are waging wars for dominance, a variety of minions and creatures in their arsenals, urban battlefields their fields of war. If the last few sentences have made you make appreciative ‘ooohs and aahhs’, and you’re partial to a bit of card-battling, you just might have found your next game.


Nightbanes started life as a free to play browser game. Now, on 27th March, it will launch on the Steam platform after receiving numerous graphical and gameplay improvements. There will be a single player campaign but the great strength of any collectible card game is in the player versus player modes, interacting with real people. Nightbanes has a fair few game modes to cater to this kind of play, from taking part in single matches against another player to forming guilds, to taking part in PvP contests, both active and passive (active means competing players are online at the same time, passive means you submit your deck and fight against offline players via AI). As with any collectible card game worth its salt, taking part in these modes and playing the game nets you more and more cards to work into your decks. Cards can also be levelled up, making them more powerful.


There are epic bosses to take down, strange creatures to utilise and fight against and rankings to attain. Headup Games’ Nightbanes looks like a game well worth keeping an eye on.

Source: Headup Games
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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