Wailing Heights – a Body Hopping Musical Adventure Game

There are times when I wonder if all the new ideas have been taken – what with all the re-boots, adaptations of existing franchises and thinly disguised copies. Then there are times when a game like Wailing Heights comes to my attention.

Wailing Heights  is described as “A coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game, set in with a horrific hamlet of monsters” by developers Outsider Games is something that I’ve not come across before. Here’s the announcement trailer to give you the game’s flavour:

I have to say, I’m intrigued by this one. I absolutely love the art style and the concepts such as “Hipster Vampires” and “motown zombies” were enough to raise a grin and the idea of taking over characters within the game to use their abilities to progress is one that I like. The story is as follows:

Set in a peaceful, blood-curdling village blessed with gorgeous panoramic mountaintop views and the blissful stench of rotting corpses, Wailing Heights is home to the likes of vegan werewolves, hipster vampires, gossiping ghosts and all manner of well-adjusted supernatural taxpaying homeowners.


When Frances Finklestein, former manager of the greatest 60s rock and roll band the world has ever loved and lost, finds himself in Wailing Heights’ prison after a booking mix-up, a mysterious cellmate offers him a way out… sort of. Through the power of song, Finklestein learns how to “body­-hop”, leaving his corpse behind in the holding cell and jumping from ghost to vampire to werewolf to zombie. Each creature’s skills and abilities give him access to places no human should ever set foot, while bringing him one step closer to getting his own body out of lockup and getting the hell out of the Heights. But of course, it’s never that easy…

Wailing Heights looks interesting and is, to me, pretty unique in it’s ideas. Those, like me, who are at EGX this weekend will have the chance to give the game a look-see as the title will be on show with a playable demo in the Rezzed zone there.

Wailing Heights

Source: Press Release
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