Warner Bros. Set to Release Big Hitting Mobile Games Soon

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be releasing a number of mobile games for well-known franchises very soon. If you are a fan of LEGO, DC Comics, Mortal Kombat, Batman and Game of Thrones, Warner Bros. will have something that might tickle your fancy.

Mortal Kombat X is being developed by NetherRealm Studios and is set to feature a mixture of card collecting and fighting. It will feature well-known and new fighters, along with all the blood and gore the series has been known for. Players who own a PC or console version of the game will be able to unlock content in the mobile game and also, the other way around too.

Mortal Kombat X

Batman: Arkham Underworld is being developed by Turbine and will see the player trying to become Gotham’s next kingpin. Build your base and staff it with henchmen, including better known super villains like Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. You can go to Arkhamunderworld.com to sign up for the beta if you fancy a bit of villainous action.


Turbine are also developing an as yet unnamed Game of Thrones mobile game. Billed as a combat strategy game, the player must dominate the seven kingdoms by the usual Game of Thrones style methods culminating in an attempt on taking the Iron Throne itself.

Next up on the list is LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham by TT Games. Batman teams up with the heroes of DC Comics and takes the fight to villains in outer-space! Nothing says cool like Batman in space!


DC Comics Legends by WB Games San Francisco is a mobile RPG in which players must build up their collection of DC heroes and villains.

Quite a list I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s nice to see the mobile platforms getting some premium games that aren’t mere shadows of their bigger, more graphically intensive cousins on console and PC. Let’s hope the trend continues!

“In just four years, we have launched 25 games with more than 150 million installs worldwide across diverse fighting, strategy, puzzle and action adventure genres, and we will focus our business on a strong games-as-a-service model in 2015. Our line-up of strong titles will deliver deep player engagement, as well as innovation like console game connectivity with games including  Mortal Kombat X  and  Batman Arkham Underworld.” – Greg Ballard, Senior Vice President, Mobile, Social and Emerging Platforms, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. 

Source: Warner Bros.
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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