WILD EIGHT – Team Survival game Set for Autumn Release

People who know me are aware that I like Survival games. People who REALLY know me, know that I’m a bit of a practitioner of outdoor bushcraft and survival skills. So when a survival game is announced, my interest is piqued. When the team behind the game describe themselves in the following manner:




Our team lives in one of the strangest and coldest places on the Earth. It’s called Yakutia, where people eat bears for breakfast, develop games for lunch and gather firewood for dinner, because electricity is too expensive. We know all particulars about surviving in the wild 😉

my interest is more than piqued!

The Wild Eight has just been announced and is set for a release in the autumn of this very year, 2016 on Windows PC and XBOX One platforms. It’s a game with a visual style that reminds me of The Long Dark, but with an isometric 3d camera. The game sees a group of eight survivors of a plane crash who are forced to work together to survive – though from the description it seems that one of the survivors may be something of a traitor.

Players will need to develop their skills to survive while trying to solve the puzzle of the mutated wolves that roam the area.

To whet your appetite, here’s the reveal trailer. After you’ve watched it, head over to the Wild Eight website for more details. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one …


Source: Press Release
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