XCOM: Enemy Unknown Coming to Android

The official Twitter feed for XCOM: Enemy Unknown has announced that its hit turn-based alien-em-up is finally coming to Android devices via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Although no date was announced, many fans will be eager for the Android version to join its iOS counterpart in providing the tactical sci-fi gaming fix on the go that many lovers of the game crave.


The full-fat PC and console reboot of XCOM: Enemy Unknown was developed by Firaxis and released in 2012, rapidly becoming many gamers game of the year. Its mixture of compulsive “one more game” inducing mechanics and the way it reinvigorated so many aspects of the earlier franchise all helped it get the recognition it deserved.

I have long been in the Android camp when it comes to my smart gadgets and on a personal level I’m extremely interested in how this will version will turn out. Fingers crossed for a good solid port.

Source: @XCOM
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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