Zen Studios Announce Aliens vs. Pinball

If you enjoy anything xenomorph, you’d better keep one eye on your motion tracker to see if you have enough time to check out Zen Studios newly announced Aliens vs. Pinball pack. The studio has teamed up with Fox Digital Entertainment to bring the Alien universe to their pinball tables, and pretty stonking it looks too.

There will be 3 different tables, one featuring Ripley on a table based on Aliens. Another features her daughter Amanda and is set in the Alien: Isolation game. The last is based on the Alien vs. Predator universe and will see the player hunting as a young Yautja warrior. It looks like there will be a great range of on-table spectacle to see and enjoy, judging from the trailer below at least. It’s also great to see, or rather hear, that original voice-overs will feature from the source films/game.

The Aliens vs. Pinball pack is out on 26th April and will release on Xbox One, X360, PSN, Steam, iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 10 and Mac.

Alien vs Pinball Announcement Screenshot (2) Alien vs Pinball Announcement Screenshot (1)

Source: Zen Studios Blog

GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

Aliens vs Pinball Images © Zen Studios and FOX Entertainment

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