MCM EXPO: Interview with Silver Sabres

We chatted to the amazing Silver Sabres team at MCM Expo London about their LED Sabre Combat Academy! Watch the video here, where we talk about the how LED sabre fighting gets kids more involved in sport, what con goers at MCM London think of it, and how you can get involved!

We had such fun chatting to Nick Musson and Faisal Ahmed Mian of Silver Sabres! They kindly took some time out of their busy schedule to talk how the sport has evolved, how it educates young people and what to do if you want a go yourself. If you’re planning on heading to MCM Birmingham this weekend, Silver Sabres will be there too, so go visit them!

If you fancy a go at some LED sabre combat (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?), then there are plenty of ways to get in touch with Silver Sabres. Swing by their Facebook page for upcoming sessions and to message them, visit their website or email them directly at info[at]silver-sabres[dot]com. They currently have clubs in London (Hendon & Finsbury Park) and Milton Keynes, but are working on opening more around the country. Now go fulfil your destiny and become the bestest Jedi/Sith EVER.


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