A Quick Chat with PAUL CORNELL

Novelist, comics and screenwriter Paul Cornell recently spoke to Geek Syndicate to answer a few quick questions about his new and well received Doctor Who comic miniseries about The Third Doctor.


Geek Syndicate (GS): Congratulations on returning to the world of Doctor Who comics! How did the idea for a Third Doctor miniseries come about?

Paul Cornell (PC):  I only pop back to Doctor Who when I have an idea that can only be done in Doctor Who, and, as hasn’t yet become clear, that’s what this is.  So, realising I had that, and having it irking away at the back of my head, I got in touch with Andrew James at Titan.

GS: Nearly all the core characters of the Pertwee era are involved in the story so far. Did you feel it was important to feature them for both old and new readers?

PC: Kind of.  I want to give fans of the era a solid settling-in with loads of fan service before I start tinkering with the format, because there is just a little bit of tinkering around the edges.   3d_01_cover_a

GS: As you are no stranger to Doctor Who, why do you you think the Third Doctor still resonates with fans to this day?

PC: I think he’s possibly the one who resonates the least with viewers of the new series. Can you imagine him meeting any of the modern Doctors and the arguments not being real, rather bitter? That’s not denigrating the show at that time, it’s just who the character is and how the world has changed. I’m sort of building a pipeline between eras without changing anything central to what the Pertwee era does.

GS: Do you have a favourite Third Doctor television adventure?

PC: I really like The Time Warrior.

GS: Is there anything you can tell us about the second issue in the Third Doctor miniseries?

PC: More surprises, the iceberg still slowly being revealed, but nothing compared to the major revelations later!

A huge thank you to Paul for taking the time to talk to us!

You can read Geek Syndicate’s review of the first issue of Doctor Who: The Third Doctor miniseries here.


Find out more at: www.paulcornell.com

Interviewer: Matt Davis

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