Meet the Agents of Geek Syndicate

Agents of Geek Syndicate monitor the current and upcoming events in the world of geekdom and bring them into the light with our own positive spin. The team is divided into five tiers of agent. The current members are:


TIER 1: Directors

GSA0000001 Barry Nugent

BARRY NUGENT  @geeksyndicate

Barry is one of the founders of the Geek Syndicate podcast/website which has been running since 2006. He is also the founder of Unseen Shadows, a company created to expand the world created within the pages of his pulp adventure novel Fallen Heroes using comics.

GSA0000002 David Monteith

DAVID MONTEITH  @geeksyndicate @davidmontieth

David is a is also a teacher, director, coach and social network consultant. He is also the co founder of the Geek Syndicate podcast/website.


TIER 2: Security Council

GSA0000003 Sharlene Mousfar

SHARLENE MOUSFAR  @lightstarangel

I dread writing these bio things up. However! I shall buck up and do it just for you all – I’m sure you’re thrilled! I love to laugh (often loudly), cook (I won’t poison you I swear!), eat tasty nibbles, geek out over all sorts of TV and pop-culturey goodness with other geeks, write about it and take photographs while traveling all over the place. Exhausting isn’t it?

GSA0000004 Mirjana Vuga

MIRJANA VUGA @jayde_dragonNYC

I am a newly “out” geek, having made tons of geeky friends in the past couple of years. I attended my first two cons this year (SDCC & NYCC) and plan on attending many more. I am a sports fanatic – ice hockey and football (not the American sort) are my drugs of choice. Also love to travel, and plan on doing a lot more of that in the future.

GSA0000005 Christophe Montoya


A true geek who is into films, TV, books, comics and gadgets. I love going to conventions and meeting other like minded folk. Still trying to convert my two lads into Geeks but not working very well. Curse that damn X-Box.

GSA0000006 Antony McGarry-Thickitt


Antony is a long-time geek and Co-Host of The Next Level and Time Lore Addendum podcasts on the Geek Syndicate Network. In addition to gaming his main geek loves are Doctor Who, Star Wars, Robin Hood and James Bond. He is a writer, editor and a dabbler in the mystic world of digital design.

GSA0000028 Casey Douglass

CASEY DOUGLASS @casey_douglass

I’m a bleak geek who enjoys the darker side of geekdom. I often find myself cheering on the evil villain or stalking monster, although in my weaker moments I do enjoy the hero saving the day. Plagued by horrendous nightmares as a child, I now seek out horror and embrace it to create my own dark tales.



Senior Field Agents

GSA0000018 Jess Hawke

JESS HAWKE @jesshawke92

I love the interwebs and drink stupidly large amounts of tea. I try to disguise myself as a fashion student, but not very well. Sometimes I make YouTube videos about geeking, cosplay, reviews and fashion. I’m also a part-time Jedi and colossal nerd.

Field Agents

GSA0000007 Amy-Jayne McGarry-Thickitt


Amy is an all-round geek. From games to television to comics, Amy has an interest in it all. She loves the Whedon-verse, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe but her biggest geek love is Barbara Gordon.

GSA0000012 Ian J Simpson

IAN J SIMPSON @ianjsimpson

Independent of mind and of soul. Forgotten Geek. Actual librarian. Film fan: horror, science fiction, comic book, noir, independent. Book fan: genre-defying fantasy, science fiction, zombie horror, magic realism. Comic fan: Sandman, Hellblazer, Moore, Whedon, Civil War, Planetary, Hellboy, Image. TV fan: Whedon, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, Buffy. Love weird stuff in jars of formaldehyde.

GSA0000013 Laura-Jane Clements

LAURA-JANE CLEMENTS   @geek_adventure

During the day, I am a mild mannered Project Co-Ordinator but at 5.30pm each day I am transformed into a GEEK ADVENTURER! The world is a huge and interesting place and I want to see and experience as much of it as possible. Otherwise, you will find me lurking about Geek Syndicate as their Facebook gnome.

GSA0000017 Matt Farr

MATT FARR  @thegrampus

Matt is one of the co-hosts of the Dissecting Worlds podcast and a lifelong geek. His current hobbies include Lego, Games, Books and raising the next Geek Generation.

GSA0000020 Kenneth Latty

KENNETH LATTY @vichussmith

I’m an educator living in Queens, a borough of New York, USA. I love animation (Japanese anime, in particular) and I’m a gamer.

GSA0000021 Amaechi Oduah


I’m a gadgets, sports and gaming geek.

GSA0000023 Angela Simpson


Nerfenstein is our resident geek girl from Australia and GS’s Facebook Community Manager. She’s an arty type, spending her time creating movie props, game props and cosplay desirables. When not working on building and designing cool props, she can be found geeking out over board and video games along with all the latest geek TV


GSA0000009 Amy Brown

AMY BROWN @AmySweetie232I’m a very proud Geek. I was brought up as dedicated fan of all things dinosaur, superhero and space cadet. Generationally Picard is my favourite Captain and I was a Sylvester McCoy Whovian until David Tennant stole my heart. I’m a new agent mainly reviewing books and films. I am always looking for my next geek fix and I never sit still.

GSA0000010 Stacey Taylor


If there was an award for Most Obsessive TMNT Fan, I’d probably win it. I love comics, movies, TV, music, singing obnoxiously loudly and laughing (often maniacally). I’ve been podcasting for many years now, because it combines two of my favourite things; talking a lot and wearing pyjamas. You can find my incessant nerd ramblings at

GSA0000011 Dion Winton-Polak


Dion is a reviewer for Geek Syndicate, a freelance editor, and a wage slave in another life. His latest book is called ‘Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies.’ He created and co-hosted Scrolls, the podcast for literary geekdom, which you can find right here. Dion claims to be ageing backwards. He’s a father, a husband, and an idiot.

GSA0000016 Matt Davis

MATT DAVIS @DecadentGent

Gentleman adventurer, tea drinking ninja and life long Whovian.

GSA0000019 Ronald Singh


Father of three budding geeks and a tech sector geek myself, I’m a keen mainstream movie, TV and comics fan of especially DC and Marvel universes, Bond, all(!) horror, and of course, all things technology-oriented. Top three films: Blade Runner, Highlander and The Crow; best TV today: Arrow, Flash, Gotham, The Following, Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones.

GSA0000025 Fia Parry

FIA PARRY @madame_fifi

I was collecting comics before I even knew how to read, grew up watching Star Wars films and Star Trek and played with Transformers instead of Barbies. I currently own more geeky t-shirts than any other item of clothing and am on the look out for my nerdy soul mate. In the mean time I attend cons, cosplay and write!

GSA0000027 Vickey Tree

VICKEY TREE @fannyvonfabulous

Vix has been a geek since birth and has Marvel running through her veins. She is also very partial to Doctor Who, Star Trek and Harry Potter. Two of her big passions are indie comics and cosplay. She is slowly morphing into Clint Barton and drinks a lot of tea.

GSA0000029 Michaela Gray

MICHAELA GRAY @bookiesnacksize

Michaela earns book vouchers, which she understands most people know simply as “money”, by working for a social care charity in central London. On Twitter, she stalks numerous authors in a socially acceptable manner and tweets far too much under the handle @bookiesnacksize. When she grows up, she would like to be Susan Ivanova, or Agent Carter.



GSA0000015 Dani Abram

DANI ABRAM @bintykins

Senior animator. Artist. Comic Book Creator. Wargamer. Decepticon. Gut health nut. Mental health volunteer. Northerner. Nerd.

GSA0000026 Wabbit

“Wabbit” @wabbit89

Hi, I’m wabbit. I’m a cosplaying, fanfiction writing, dyed-in-the-wool Jedi who was sorted into Ravenclaw. I like comics, superheroes, Being Human, and Star Gate/Trek/Wars. Also, Fringe. I believe the truth is out there and we’ll all do alright if we just keep flying. Currently, I’m into Defiance and Killjoys, and I’m obsessed with Mad Max.

GSA0000031 Ric Crossman

RIC CROSSMAN @squidfromspace

Hyper-numerate possessor of probability’s hidden mysteries. Also pretends to be a squid. Thinks and writes far too much about the X-Men and Game of Thrones. McCoy is my Doctor, be it Hank or Sylvester.

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