LEGO Legends of Chima Game Coming Soon

LEGO LogoLEGO and Travellers Tale have announced that like the Wii U title LEGO Agents, their next video games will be set in one of the toy-brick company’s own IPs.

Legends of Chima is their latest theme, an it is set in a world where humonoid animals rule – but war has broken out amongst the six races:┬áLion, Eagle, Gorilla, Raven, Wolf, and Crocodile who battle over the resource: Chi. The announcement indicates three different games are due for development – read on after the break for more!

 The setting itself seems reminiscent of the new version of Thundercats, with anthropomorphised animal tribes each ruling their own kingdom and having the trappings of modern or futuristic technology. This certainly makes a reasonable setting for a versatile video game franchise, and the three announced titles are certainly versatile:

  • iOS – Legends of Chima: Speedorz is a racing game;
  • Handheld –Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey is an adventure game
  • Online – Legends of Chima Online will be … an MMO style game, presumably browser based and available cross platform.

It seems the games will diverge from the successful (and some may say tired) formula of the majority of previous LEGO tie-in titles and it will be interesting to see how this theme fares for lego in the video-game market place.

Previous LEGO games not based on external properties include: LEGO Online (PC), LEGO Ninjago (NDS), LEGO Bionicle Heroes (Cross Platform) and Lego Battles (NDS)

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