Dream Police Comes to Image In April

Join Dream Police Detectives Joe Thursday and Frank Stanford as they patrol the dreamscape in DREAM POLICE, written by J. Michael Straczynski (TEN GRAND, PROTECTORS, INC.) with art by Sid Kotian.

As long as they can remember, Joe and Frank have been partners, patrolling the realm of dreams, nightmares, and the great beyond, a very real dimension of echoes, changelings, and nightwalkers, those that died in their sleep and now forever wander the dreamscape. They’ve seen it all, but when Frank steps and disappears, and the woman who replaces him says he never existed, Joe begins a journey that will shake the dreaming to its very core.

While growing up, Straczynski moved 20 times by the time he was 17. This lack of continuity as a child led him to imagine his own “hometown,” a community that he patched together with different memories from all the different places he’d tried to settle, and visited only in his dreams. “I’ve been fascinated with the idea that the dreamscape is a real place, stitched together from echoes of the physical world, where we go to find some measure of relief, or adventure, or understanding,” said Straczynski. “If that’s the case, then there has to be some means of providing order and protecting dreamers from danger… which led me to the notion of the Dream Police.”

DREAM POLICE is more than just a crime series. Each issue does world building and allows readers to get to know more than just the police that inhabit the dream community. “The book delves into the other characters who live in the dreamscape,” said Straczynski. “The architects (who design environments on the fly as needed by dreamers), changeling and echoes (who play the parts of people we know), nightmares (figures both frightening and deeply tragic) and others who serve a higher power.”
The first issue of DREAM POLICE arrives in stores on 4/30 and will be available for $2.99. Cover A (by Sid Kotian & Bill Farmer) can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code: FEB140494. Cover B (by Renae Deliz & Ray Dillon) can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code: FEB140495.
The premise behind the book is certainly an interesting one. What should be most interesting though is exploring the world of the dream reality. Dreaming was a big part in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, but that world wasn’t expanded upon near enough, despite its possibilities. Hopefully, Straczynski can build the world in a way that seems both real and fantastical.

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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